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Goodride® – Launches new range of truck tires – NOW IN STOCK!

Goodride® launches a complete range of 3 new premium tires, adaptable to all circumstances. This innovative offer represents an increase in the brand level, in which it presents tires with surprising levels of performance, safety and resistance.

Designed with a hybrid concept, this range allows for excellent driving performance, both on long haul and on regional routes. In terms of efficiency, it presents excellent fuel consumption with maximum mileage and remarkable grip on any floor.

The MultiNavi S1 tire, intended for the directional axle, stands out for its four straight tread grooves, which allow excellent water drainage, low noise, excellent grip on wet and snowy roads, as well as high mileage. Good for retread.

The MultiDrive D1 tire, for application on the drive axle, ensures greater mileage due to the depth of the tread, providing a longer tire life. The tread pattern and the robust tread blocks produce good traction, both on dry, wet and snowy surfaces. The design, focusing on the tire shoulder, with a rubber compound for low heating, allows to minimize the wear caused by the efforts of the bearing. Good for retread.

The MultiAp T1 tire, for application in galleys, with a tread of four grooves, provides an excellent ejection of stones, thus preventing cuts in the tire groove. The shoulder design, wide and solid, guarantees long mileage and the special tread compound provides lower fuel consumption as well as lower rolling resistance. Good for retread.

Ensure long tire life and high performance with Goodride® tires.

Be Good, be Goodride®.