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S. José invests in new facilities

S. JOSÉ Logística de Pneus inaugurated its new facilities in Cantanhede on 5th October 2019.

The event was attended by BKT representatives, including its President, Mr Arvind Poddar, the President of Balkrishna Tires (BKT), Ms Lucia Salmaso, Mr Sandesh Jain and Mr Gaurav Aneja; the GOODRIDE brand was represented by Mr Gu Wen, Mr Yi Liu and Mr Kevin Wang; from Powertrac, Miss Kenna, and leading its teams, from Continental, Dr Pedro Teixeira, from Michelin, Dr Nuno Ferreira, from Bridgestone, Dr Afonso Neto, from Goodyear/Dunlop Mr Mário Récio, from Pirelli, Mr Sérgio Sá, the Mayor of Cantanhede, Dr Helena Teodósio, from the ACAP/Valor Pneu, Dr Hélder Pedro and local representatives, clients, suppliers and other guests.

After a performance by Football Freestyler, Iya Troré, the managing partners, Mr José Aniceto, Ms Helena Aniceto Tomé and Mr Luis Aniceto, shared a few words, followed by Mr Arvind Poddar and Mrs Lucia Salmaso from BKT, Mr Yi Liu from Goodride, Dr Pedro Teixeira from Continental and the Mayor of Cantanhede, Dr Helena Teodósio.

Videos were presented with the company’s new image, as well as its corporate video, followed by the presentation and visit to the warehouse.

The company, which was founded in 1966, will increase its stock with this investment in a new headquarters and new logistics warehouse. This will be fundamental in projecting the future, resulting in increased efficiency and a consequent increase in competitive capacity.

The new warehouse is equipped with advanced logistics software and new equipment for the control and movement of tyres. The total of 15 pieces of new equipment includes forklifts and order pickers, with 17 loading docks, in a covered area of 20,000m2, on 52,000m2 of land, in Cantanhede’s industrial park. The facilities are located in front of the current retreading facility, which will continue to operate. In total, the facilities will include 26,000m2 of covered area.

We have the largest tyre logistics warehouse in the country and one of the largest on the Iberian Peninsula, but the aim is to make it the best in terms of service efficiency. We will be able to increase the product range available to the client, with an increased number of tyre solutions and ranges. We want to continue to demonstrate that we have the most diversified offer in the market, from any size of passenger vehicle tyres to truck tyres and from the small garden tyre to the largest civil engineering tyre, including the agricultural range as well. We want to continue to say that for any tyre size, “for sure, S. JOSE has it…”.

At the same time, the new company logo was launched, as well as the renewal of its image.

The company operates mainly in the Iberian market of import and distribution of all tyre types, from tourism to truck and from the small tyre for garden and quad vehicles to the largest civil engineering tyre, including agricultural machinery. S. JOSÈ is the exclusive importer of BKT for Portugal and Spain, as well as Goodride. It also distributes all premium brands in tourism tyres.

S. José has been the recipient of the SME Excellence Award for the last 8 consecutive years.

Cantanhede 7-10-2019