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S. José Logística de Pneus is celebrating

Considered one of the largest tyre distribution companies on the Iberian Peninsula, S.José Logística de Pneus was at Motortec to represent the BKT brand, demonstrating a part of that brand’s portfolio, of which it is an importer for the Iberian Peninsula.

As one of the main tyre brands for the European off-road tyre market, BKT has achieved a considerable reputation and business expansion in the Iberian region, thanks to the professional, technical and commercial work developed by the Portuguese company, S. José Logística de Pneus.

The brothers, Luís Aniceto and José Aniceto, together with Luís Almeida and Catarina Aniceto, motivated contact with the visitors of the company’s expansive stand, where the AGRIMAX agricultural, MULTIMAX industrial and EARTHMAX civil engineering radial tyres were highlighted.

The new products included the AGRIMAX V-Flecto, a tyre manufactured using the latest technology, ideal for high power tractors, which stands out for its performance and reliability; and the new version of the AGRIMAX TERIS, a harvester tyre with low soil compaction, which protects crops. The Multimax MP 527, a multi-purpose radial tyre, was also demonstrated, as well as the Earthmax SR 49, a civil engineering tyre designed for excavators and loaders, ensuring optimum performance in difficult quarry and mining operations.

Also noteworthy were the Liftmax LM 81 radial model for forklifts, with low rolling resistance, less vibration and greater stability; the SIERRA MAX developed for ATVs and dirt-racing vehicles, as well as the LG 306, designed for gardening activities.

Anniversary and expansion

S. José Logística de Pneus is at a promising moment in its history, since in March the company celebrated its 53rd anniversary. In addition to this important event, the company is in the completion phase of the construction of its new and spacious facilities, located in the Industrial Park of Cantanhede.

This is a unique structure in Portugal in the area of tyre distribution, about which the Automotive Magazine published an article in its June 2018 edition, during the overage of the Cologne Fair. Also noteworthy, was the company’s recognition by Automotive, when it presented S. José Pneus with the Tyre Distribution award in Portugal.